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German Foreign Trade Legislation and EU Export Control Law

German Foreign Trade Legislation and EU Export Control Law


Germany is a regular world champion when it comes to exports. However, exports out of the EU as well as so called transfers within the EU may fall under diverse restrictions. The lack of knowledge about such restrictions does not protect from penalties and penalties cause besides high costs often also a loss of reputation for involved persons. Vice versa, fulfilling the necessary compliance generates a value added for companies through sustainable compliant businesses.

I am pleased to consult, assist and represent you in all questions which may arise in regard of the afore-mentioned topics, for instance:

  • Questions re German or European export controls
  • Liability due to violations of Foreign Trade Legislation
  • Audits through German customs or German BAFA
  • Embargoes (country and person related embargoes, „black-lists“)
  • EU Embargoes, e.g. against Russia, Crimea/Sevastopol or Iran
  • Item lists (German export list part 1 A und B, annex I , IV EC Dual-use regulation)
  • Classification into item lists
  • License obligations for listed items
    • General Licenses (EU001-EU006, German general licenses)
    • Brokering of listed items
    • Transit of listed items
  • License obligations for not listed items (catch-all, knowledge, red flags)
  • Technology transfer and technical assist (Cloud Computing)
  • Principles of license applications (ELAN K2, AzG, Nullbescheid, Auskunft)
  • Codification (positiv- and negativ codifications in ATLAS-export)
  • Purpose and function of the board of director´s export responsible
  • Reporting obligations in movement of capital and consequences of violations
  • Organisation of export control, Compliance Management System (CMS)

Outside of Germany I cooperate within a network of specialized lawyers and consultants for such issues.

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