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The export control and customs function optimal integrated in companies – how does that work?

Besides multinationals there are in particular many midsize and smaller companies in Germany successfully engaged in the international trade of goods. The latter sometimes miss experience and expert knowledge if export control or customs law related questions arise in theory and practice. As well, often the capacity is simply missing in order to keep pace with ongoing developments in these areas.

At the latest customs, export control or German Federal Bank audits mercilessly dismantle any shortcoming in regard of such topics. At this point of time the costs for non-compliance and its follow-up costs clearly surmount such costs that would have been occurred when already in the past and proactively such topics have been more taken care of.

The imposition of fines for determined compliance deficits after customs, export control or German Federal Bank audits is only one point of diverse possible negative consequences for companies.

How to build up the necessary expertise in these areas and especially how to implement it at best into a company´s processes? Attending expert seminars is certainly useful and step into the right direction but solely it does not achieve the final goal. In consideration of the respective risk potential and processes the goal should be to integrate these topics end-to-end sustainably and at best.

With the business coaching model I would like to offer my support/consulting services on these topics for a limited period of time. Besides legal expertise this also includes experience in the typical obstacles in building up the structural and processual organisation for compliance purposes. My offer reaches from aid for self-help over being a kind of „punching partner“ until acting as a „mentor“ or „coach“ for persons who should be build up in this area or are responsible for these topics. Based upon such models and for the purpose of your max. cost control I offer fixed or variable budgets desigend to your wishes, needs and possibilities.

Please contact me with regard to these diverse options of a possible cooperation on such topics. Not least for capacity and quality reasons I am offering such options for a Business Coaching only to a few companies within one year.

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